Here is what other patients are saying....

"Seeing quite a few questionable reviews for dentists pop up lately, i felt compelled to write a legitimate one about mine.

First, some background: i saw my childhood family dentist for far too long after moving out of jersey. i dealt with the 1.5 hr drive from philly and the difficulty of saturday morning scheduling because A, i trusted this man with my extensive history of dental work and B, the rents were footing the bill. Twice i attempted to switch to someone more local, and the [unpleasant] experiences had me running back to jerz.

Fast forward to last summer: after a nearly 2 year hiatus (terrible, i know) due to my apprehensions about trying yet another local dentist, i started seeing Dr. Donoho. he came recommended by a good friend, was close to home, accepted my insurance AND new patients - done! little did i know just how pleased i would be.

Everyone in the office was friendly from day one, as if they had known me since i was 8 like my previous dentist ... the cloudy sky decals over the florescent ceiling lights made leaning back in the ol' chair a bit more comfortable ... when my crown fell out, they put me on the schedule first thing the next morning without me having to beg ... when i had a cavity filled, it was quick and painless ... not to mention, there is a tv in each room that the patient gets to control, there is coffee, tea & granola bars in the waiting room AND, at the receptionist's desk, a dish of quarters to use for the parking meters!

if you are anywhere in the ardmore area and in need of a great dentist, i highly recommend setting up an appointment with Dr. Donoho."
Blake F.

"Dr. Donoho is a wonderful dentist and I highly recommend his practice to anyone living on the Main Line. His office is conveniently located right in Ardmore. But more importantly, Dr Donoho is personable, professional, and has a great sense of humor. What more could you ask for in a dentist?"
Rebecca F.